#4: Pixie Turner - Emotional Eating, Wellness Wankery and Coffee Enemas

Emotional eating is completely normal. In this episode, Pixie Turner, a registered nutritionist and trainee psychotherapist, explains what it is and why it's not the problem we've been taught to treat it as.
In this episode, I get to have a conversation with the fantastic Pixie Turner, who is a registered nutritionist, trainee psychotherapist, science communicator and author of several brilliant nutrition books. This dual training gives her incredible insight into such topics as emotional eating. A quick google search might convince you that it's the worst thing in the world, but she explains why it's not only completely normal but also pretty amazing! Like any emotional coping mechanism, it has the potential to become maladaptive; Pixie gives some general, practical advice in this situation as well.

In the vein of 'Willing To Be Wrong', she also discusses her wellness wanker period (when she used to juice cleanse and believe that dairy leeched calcium from your bones) and what prompted her to escape the dangerous community she found herself in.

Pixie can be found both on social media @pixienutrition and co-hosting the podcast, In Bad Taste.


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