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#9: Anna Sweeney - Navigating Diet Culture as a Dietitian Living with Multiple Sclerosis

In this episode, Anna Sweeney (@dietitiananna) talks about the impact of the 'food is medicine' rhetoric and diet culture whilst being a full-time disabled person living with MS.

#8: Zoe Pearce - Living with Lipoedema

In this episode, Zoe Pearce (@thickthighs.positivevibes) talks about living with Lipoedema in a world where it's often treated like a fake condition.

#7: Sarah Nicole Landry - #PassTheMic, Privilege, Detoxes and Cupcakes

In this episode, Sarah Nicole Landry (@thebirdspapaya) talks about why it's so crucial to pass the mic to content creators with less privilege than ourselves.

#6: Stephanie Yeboah - Body Positivity, the Medicalisation of Size and COVID Mortality

In this episode, Steph explains why the body positivity movement no longer represents those it was created for, and then we talk about why the medicalisation of body size has such potential for harm.

#5: Teddy Okechukwu - Are Medical Students Taught about Weight Stigma?

The fact that many medical students are still not being taught about weight stigma or the social determinants of health is a MASSIVE problem. A MASSIVE ONE. There really is no excuse for it.

#4: Pixie Turner - Emotional Eating, Wellness Wankery and Coffee Enemas

Emotional eating is completely normal. In this episode, Pixie Turner, a registered nutritionist and trainee psychotherapist, explains what it is and why it's not the problem we've been taught to treat it as.

#3: Amanda Lee - Medical Weight Stigma, the History of the BMI and Why Weight-Centric Healthcare Is Just Lazy

In this episode, I get to have a conversation with Amanda Lee, who is an actress, singer and photographer who went viral last month after she posted an incredibly emotional video after experiencing weight stigma from her doctor.

#2: Callie Thorpe - The Predictable (yet Painful) Response to the Cosmo Cover, 'This is healthy!'

In this episode, I get to talk with the incredible Callie Thorpe about the stigmatising backlash that followed after she was featured on the cover of the February 2021 issue of Cosmopolitan.

#1: Megan Crabbe - Eating Disorders, Body Positivity and 'Zero-Calorie' Noodles

In this first episode, I get to have a conversation with the fantastic Megan Crabbe. We discuss topics ranging from her relationship with food and recovering from an eating disorder, the impact of social media on body image, why she loves pandas so much, and why she might soon be changing the name of her social media handles (you heard it here first).

A Brief Introduction

Who am I? Why have I chosen to call this podcast Willing To Be Wrong? Hopefully, this brief introduction should answer both!