#5: Teddy Okechukwu - Are Medical Students Taught about Weight Stigma?

The fact that many medical students are still not being taught about weight stigma or the social determinants of health is a MASSIVE problem. A MASSIVE ONE. There really is no excuse for it.
Teddy Okechukwu is a final-year medical student in the UK who creates content online in relation to her studies and mental health. When I first came across her a couple of years ago she was one of the very few UK medical students actually using social media identifiably. She was thrust into the public eye a couple of months ago after winning a massive jackpot on Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel (feel free to click the link if you want to know how much!), but that’s more just some fun trivia for you rather than relevant to this episode 😉.

When I was at medical school I had absolutely zero appreciation as to what weight stigma was. and even less understanding of just how complex the relationship between weight and health was. The weight-centric teaching I received made it seem incredibly black and white, and I wanted to speak to someone about whether much has changed in the last decade, especially in the context of the increased prominence of these conversations online recently.

Teddy can be found on social media @teddybearmedic.


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